Objectives & Agenda


  • To identify partnership opportunities to create/enhance semiconductor ecosystems in the Southeast
  • To introduce and solidify support from State and regional partners on workforce development
  • To define infrastructure, utility, and transportation needs for growth of the semiconductor industry in Florida
  • To define how to leverage Florida’s leadership in aerospace and defense industries for synergistic growth of semiconductor manufacturing and advanced packaging
  • Establishing US Manufacturing Leadership


Time Speaker Affiliation
Welcome & Overview
10:00 Welcome & Overview Mark Tehranipoor, John Allgair UF/BRIDG
10:10 Welcome Remarks Walden Rhines Cornami
10:15 Vision David Arnold UF
10:30 CHIPS NOFO Overview Chris Daverse Daverse Strategies | UF
10:45 From Lab to Fab & Meeting Goals Volker Sorger UF
10:55 Q&A Moderator: Mark Tehranipoor UF
Semiconductor Manufacturers & Suppliers: Lightning Talks
11:00 Guiding Questions: What role does your company see for this CHIPS application? How do you define success? What is a strong/support bullet item from the NOFO for you? Moderator: Volker Sorger UF
11:00 Ted Jones/Douglas Cole Qorvo
11:05 Dale Miller SkyWater
11:10 Chris Constantine Plasma-Therm
11:15 Lode Lauwers IMEC
11:20 Hamed Dalir America Foundries/UF
11:25 Kevin Hoopingarner Renesas Electronics America
11:30 Girish Wable Jabil
11:35 Ian Podraza Marvell
11:40 John Damoulakis Cadence
11:45 Q&D Panel Discussion & Full Plenum Q&A
State & Local Government Leaders
11:50 Guiding Question: What are existing or planned programs that could support CHIPS proposals? Moderator: David Arnold UF
11:50 Laura DiBella FL Secretary of Commerce; President, Enterprise Florida
11:55 Crystal Sircy Orlando Economic Partnership
12:00 Don Fisher Osceola County Economic Development
12:05 Mike Aller FloridaMakes
12:10 Q&D Panel Discussion + Full Plenum Q&A
Networking Lunch
Ecosystem Partners – Lightning Talks
1:00 Guiding Questions: What role does your company see/want to assume for this CHIPS application? How do you define success? What is a strong/support bullet item from the NOFO for you? Moderator: Philip Feng UF
1:00 Max Lemaitre Mattrix Technologies
1:05 Lesley Cheema Northrop Grumman
1:10 Terrence Back/Abhijeet Chakraborty Synopsys
1:15 Brett Attaway Siemens
1:20 Rockwell Hsu Cisco Systems
1:25 Q&D
(Joint) Planning Session 1 – WorkForce Development
1:30 Guiding Questions: Where are shortages today vs. tomorrow? What are areas of need for workforce? What pipelining models can we implement? Who are key stakeholders? How should curricula being updated to plan head? (topics, type of education styles, locations, delivery modes, ..?
1:30 Lead/Seeding Presentation Jack Judy UF
1:40 Panel Discussion
Josh Picket Enterprise Florida
John Damoulakis Cadence
Uma Jha L3Harris
Mike Aller FloridaMakes
Ben Larry SkyWater
Reza Abdolvand UCF
Katie Crofoot Executive Office of the Governor’s Office of Reimagining Education & Career Help (REACH)
2:30 Networking Break
Planning Session 2—Commercial Viability & Broader Impacts
3:00 Guiding Questions: How can we ensure a stable Supply Chain? How do we forecast Demand, Supply, Overproduction risks? How do we build a strong Community (upside sharing, future investment, R&D)? What partnership programs exist or could be introduced?
Moderator, Discussion Lead David Arnold UF
Matt Chestnut Space Florida
Jessica Kim Neocity Links
John Allgair BRIDG
Walden Rhines Cornami
Justin Fanelli Optelligence
3:45 Networking Break
4:00 Wrap Up Discussion/Next Steps Moderators: Chris Daverse, Volker Sorger UF
4:15 Guiding Questions:

  • What does a winning proposal from this group look like?
  • What are competitive strengths?
  • What would an appropriate project size/scope be?
  • How do we define ‘success’?
  • Which National Security Objectives will this group tackle?
  • What are next steps? Timeline? Lead/Support?..
Entire Plenum
4:40 Concluding Remarks Mark Tehranipoor UF
4:45 Adjourn